Excess indeed

I’m posting a lot at the moment I realise.  Following a few days away I have a bulging Christmas sack that really needs to be emptied as I near the six month milestone of my blog, a point at which I said I would sit down and consider the experience and decide whether I continue, and if so what that will entail.

I have a load of stuff I am tidying up to get out and some challenges I set myself that I am determined to finish before the end of the year.  Well actually I have until the 3rd of 5th of January I think but the end of 2017 feels like a good date to aim for.

That means that you will see all manner of things dropping into your feed if you follow me, sorry about that I will do my best to spread them out as it’s rather rude to clutter things up I realise.

It doesn’t feel like the end just perhaps the end of the beginning.  But we shall see when I sit down properly to review things in a few days time.



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