The place where I write

Where do you do it?

When posting the picture below I was asked whether it is where I write.  God, I wish!  That picture is from a stately home up in the Lake District that we visited earlier this year.  Kings and queens have apparently visited the place, and jolly grand it was but alas no, I have somewhere a little more simple where I do my writing.20171113_21461241649031.jpg

When I sit down to write it is here:


It isn’t actually a desk, so new to this am I that having a desk has never really been something I have considered committing to.  I have a couple of Ikea Billy bookcases pushed together in the back bedroom and I am rather happy with that.  I have my Amazon Alexa to keep me company and she mostly only ever receives instructions to play piano music.   She then plays me the ‘Classical Piano’ channel from Amazon music.  She’s good like that.

I also have a few pencils and highlighters, a notebook or three and a few other odds and ends but nothing that distracts me.  I think there’s a bottle of Kraken Rum in there too somewhere which is my most favourite of the rum family.

There are a few books tucked away including the entire Mission Earth set by L Ron Hubbard.  I dont fall for any of his Scientology bollocks but that series of books just amazed me when I read it 30 odd years ago.  So much so that they are the copies I read back then when I lived in South Africa.  The actual copies.

I do my writing on a Microsoft Surface pro.  It’s a true joy to work on and one of the rather fast i7 ones so never ever am I prone to waiting for anything to load, which is something that makes me rather sweary and want to punch kittens in the face.

Anyway, I didn’t plan to write that much but there you go.  The place where I write.

Where do you write?

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

27 thoughts on “The place where I write”

  1. I don’t think I was expecting a book case.
    I could have imagined maybe typing from bed…
    I have to be comfortable when I blog, I really can’t imagine sitting at a bookcase.
    Glad it does you wonders though, I love reading your stuff

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  2. If i may make a suggestion on research. Try looking up Gor. Its super bdsm kink fetish, but it’s based off of a scifi collection

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  3. Not quite what I was expecting Michael. I pictured you in a decor à la Martha Steward. I have to be comfy when I write. Perhaps this is the secret for your beautiful writing. Sitting at a bookcase and surrounded by items that bring you good vibes. Nice reading you.

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  4. I used to write in my closet, sitting on the floor. It was the only quiet place in the house. Then my second oldest daughter got married and I now have her old bedroom for an office. I love it in there. The only problem is how chilly it can get in there sometimes. But at least it forces me to stay awake. Lol… I think no matter where you write, as long as you have what you need around you to inspire you, you’re gtg. Music is mine… gotta have some good piano music to get my head in the game. 😉

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  5. There’s just something about it… guess it reminds me of a story unfolding every time I hear it. Which is another reason I finally learned to play the piano as an adult. I don’t practice enough to be any good, but during those rare moments when I do sit down to play, I’m taken far from this world and into another. Do you play?

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  6. Lol… yeah but I’m not very good. My goal is to one day learn to play Clair de Lune. If I ever get that song down, which btw is my favorite, then I can call myself good. Lol… And yes, I agree, moody is great for writing. And hopefully for the sake of others, I’m in a good mood while writing. Lol….

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