October 5, 2017


I know, my last piece was rather dark.  So how about limericks to lighten the mood.  This week I will be mostly considering terrorists and fundamentalist sorts who thinks the only way is their way.  

Hmmm.  I should probably delete that.  All sounds just a bit angry.

An american chap who gets weird

if he sees a tanned bloke with a beard

thinks they all carry bombs

and oppress wives and moms

bought a gun, shot a few, as I’d feared


A  bomber killed folk in God’s name

people think all his kind are the same

blew himself all to bits

what a right bunch of shits

But we cant give all Muslims the blame


Hmmm.  Not as light hearted as I had hoped for.


A godly man fancied this kid

you’d be shocked at the bad things he did

but the church saw no crime

said “Don’t do it next time”

and made sure that his sins were well hid


Think I might be in a bit of a mood and rather judgemental.  Oh well.  

A fellow quite grumpy, a Brit

sat typing some quite nasty shit

think hes in quite a mood

maybe he needs some food

and a nap and to swear less, that’s it

Not a piece I am particularly proud of but it is what it is.  *Presses publish*















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  1. Irreverent, politically BAD, a little racist and wonderful, all at the same time. 🙂

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  2. No guts no glory! Loved this…

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  3. It works. I like the humor and yet… I’m bothered. It’s a very uncomfortable place you’ve put me in. And yet… I love it!

    You’re brilliant!

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    • That’s good..I like people to feel something and if I can manage conflicted then that is a good thing I think. I feel there are things to say that we don’t necessarily say anymore. Trying myself to figure out what those things are.

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      • I really like your head. Not only that but stuff you say resonates and sends a timeless message.

        I like your approach. Linda was right. And thanks again for taking the time to read my Charlie. It meant a lot to me.

        I will more than likely have a lot to say about other posts of yours. I like to comment. Can you tell? LOL.

        Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your head.

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      • I like people who comment – thanks 🙂 Ill be reading more of your stuff , looking forward to it.

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