Admire – Five Sentence Story Prompt

Abel watched intently through the crack in the door as his father paced the floor, a fist full of unpaid bills clenched in his hand, brow furrowed and eyes downcast “May, there are simply too many of us and with winter fast approaching we just do not have enough supplies to see us through.”

May pulled her shawl tight around her shoulders “what are we supposed to do, without more food we wont see the spring, and he has already warned us about what will happen if we don’t pay”

“You know I love you all don’t you” he said calmly,  pulling on his coat and stuffing the bills in his coat pocket, “I’ll go and see Jackson and ask whether they will give me an extension on the payments, he might be more lenient this time”.

As Abel watched him leave the house heading out into the falling snow, he caught a glimpse of his father’s service revolver tucked into his belt.

Abel returned to his Father’s study, and curling up in his high back leather chair closed his eyes, waiting for him to return but not knowing that he would not be back.