A letter to my family – Daily Prompt

On Sundays I think I will on occasion re blog an early most which post of you will never have read.

For my darling wife and my beloved children.

I write this to you in a moment of clarity, which these days are sadly so very few.  They tell me I do not recognise you any more and that your names are lost to me, my mind fragile and my memories faded.  I write this with haste as I know not when the clarity will slip through my fingers.

Today, of all days, I remember you.  I remember it all.  A lifetime of memories too many to repeat and my heart swells with joy at the life I have lived.  The face of my beloved wife on our wedding day, holding each of you in my arms and the laughter – such laughter – of a life well lived and so widely shared.

Each and every Christmas is as clear in my mind as the day I lived it first, I recall each first day at school, each scraped knee, each lost tooth and every candle blown out on each and every cake.  I remember those special moments that I shared with each of you that I cherish while I can and that overwhelm me so suddenly that I am given to tears of joy. 

To my beautiful children, the pride I felt as you grew and blossomed and built lives of your own fills me now as it did every day watching you.  To my wife, my love, my friend , my everything you were my inspiration and my light and I would gladly give every day I have left for just one more walk with you arm in arm.

Do not remember me as I am but rather as I was, and I ask that you mourn not the loss but rather savour each moment we have lived and loved and laughed.

They tell me that you may be here later, it is my Birthday after all, though alas I fear by then I will be lost to you again.  If that is so then I would have you know that I will love each of you always, and in my heart I remember you.