Salamar raised his hands to the sky, his eyes closed, mouthing incantations in a language long forgotten

In response to Sue Vincent’s Writephoto Challenge.  I will admit, I loved the photo but found this piece so hard to write.  I know where I wanted to go but I just could not really make it work in a way that I was satisfied with.  I don’t like binning stuff though, and may revisit it but I got it done in spite of myself.


Salamar raised his hands to the sky, his eyes closed, mouthing incantations in a language long forgotten.  Icy water swirled around his feet, the current pulling and tugging at his robes with silvery fingers.  The great waterfall boomed and thundered with echoes of the voices of the ancients now returned to the embrace of the earth as storm clouds began to gather, blotting out the sun..

He lowered his hands slowly and dropping a handful of lilies into the swirling waters he called upon the great water spirit to be revealed.  Long forgotten by all but the oldest of the stewards, and only summoned in the darkest of times, he spoke its many names and compelled it to be revealed.

The earth heaved and rumbled, the waters churning as Salamar continued his chant.  Foam horses reared atop the growing waves and the sky darkened and heavy rain began to fall.  Louder he chanted and the roar of the waterfall began to echo his call.  Man and water in unison, the noise built to a crescendo until, in a single moment, everything stopped.

The waterfall ceased to thunder, the rain stopped and Salamar stood still as the surging waters released their grip on him.  Slowly before his eyes the water gave way to the ancient creature, it’s body emerging from the dark waters as the storm clouds parted, shards of light causing the rippled waters to sparkle.

It raised itself from the water, the body of a snake and the head of a lion, but wholly covered with the most verdant lichen, moss and meadow grasses.

It slithered through the water across to Salamar, dark eyes fixed on him and small wildflowers bursting into life from its grassy mane as it swam, and stopped in the waters in front of him.

“Who summons me” came a voice like the rolling thunder as the waterfall again began to pound the rocks below, “who wakes me from my slumber?”

Salamar bowed his head in submission.  “Great Spirit, we call upon you in our time of need “ he said “The Darkness has once more returned as foretold.”

The spirit said nothing for what felt like forever.  “So it is time” it said calmly, it’s eyes fixed on Salamar. “The final days have come…”

Just don’t think its my thing.  I think this is though…

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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