W is for water

Seems you have a drinking problem

 Let’s do one of M’s prompts.  Thirsty gulps.

Sometimes when I am writing to prompts, I will go to pixabay and search their picture archives and see whether anything crops up that sparks something or inspires me in a particular direction.  I do that on the matter of ‘Thirsty Gulps’ and found the picture featured in the header of this post.

I also found this one.


Are you seeing a theme yet?  No then how about if I add in this one?


Right, obvious now.

Turns out people who go running or arse around in deserts and find themselves dehydrated and dying of thirst are in that position because they do not possess the ability to drink properly.  Drink like a normal person thanks.  If I am treasuring every precious drop I have then I am not going to try and throw it into my mouth from half a foot away all dramatically against the fiery backdrop of a setting sun.  That is wasteful and if you ask me rather foolish.  Idiots.

Starving children in Africa do not toss their food up into the air and hope it comes down into their gaping hungry mouths.  If they did I imagine some other pot bellied famine victim with flies on his face would happily grab it mid air with a playful ‘Yoink”.

No, they treasure every morsel because that could be the only meal they have today.

I don’t know, maybe were just wasteful because we have too much.  A good famine might do us all a bit of good and give us some perspective.

Now stop being stupid and drink properly.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

7 thoughts on “W is for water”

  1. and the ubiquitous plastic bottles – metal, wash-em-out, re-use, easier to cool, etc. Not oil-based plastic crap that never breaks down and ends up choking our oceans. Not a rant, not, not.


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