I have another blog…

Welcome to my other blog! I was encouraged by Mel to set this blog up to share some of my passion for 2000AD, something which has been an important part of my life for as long as I remember. I posted about it from time to time on my main blog here but perhaps she […]

via Borag Thungg! — Afterwards2000

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

19 thoughts on “I have another blog…”

  1. Following your new one and working out how to reblog took me about half an hour and I had to reset passwords and all sorts of stuff it really should be a lot easier than that.

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  2. Really? I had no trouble setting my other blog up and I didn’t have change anything. It is actually linked to Fiction. LOL. Does WP discriminate per country? LOL! Well… it’s fab and I am happy for you. You’re a true rock star!

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  3. Setting up the site was dead easy I did exactly what you said and it worked but I couldn’t follow your new site for some reason but I think that might be because I use the app on my phone to do the Reading full stop I’m following now though so all good.

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  4. Could you put your link to your other blog up in your top left menu? with home, about, contact? I want to switch back and forth between reading the two but I use likes to link me back to the blog to read and your likes always leads me here. So pretty please with sugar on top.


  5. no worries. any time. i shoudl probably search out a couple of comic book blogs — i like comic books a lot … thinks about how many blogs I’m following as it is … uh … oh…. i just found my old stash of comic books yesterday … I’m good … I have my fix for a while.


  6. I think I’ve done it I really should have a good look around there because it looks like there’s all sorts of things I could do. I’m with you on the comic book front I’ve just started looking at more comic book blogs and also on Twitter and I’m finding myself getting dragged into it quite terribly.


  7. oh, that’s too bad. I did find one of the entries on here though so maybe you brought them over? No worries either way. I’d say “It was fun while it lasted” but it sounds like a line after a one-night-stand, lol.

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  8. Lol… yeah I think I might have been one or two on my main blog. I might start it up again soon as I get a minute hopefully all my WordPress problems are behind me

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