Vermicious knids

Thoughts on things which I am completely unqualified to comment upon.

Let’s do another month of M’s prompts shall we…this one is in response to the Weaving Words prompt.

I was never a political creature you know and, whilst this may surprise you, I am still not.  Yes I will admit to being somewhat obsessed with writing about the Donald but that is simply because I find him a quite repulsive creature and worthy of derision and mockery because of who he is and the quite terrible things I believe him to have done.

Ever since the ascendancy of his star I have found myself more and more interested in the politics of America and if I am not careful I shall soon find that I make a liar of myself when it comes to whether I am, in fact, politically inclined.

The thing is though, I am English,  so it matters very little where my persuasions lie.  Curiously I find  to myself far less inclined to care one jot about our very own Brexit shit storm and instead find myself compelled to understand more about just what the devil is going on across the pond.

Anyway, I have researched the basis of the political parties, delved into their history and attempted to understand as much as I can about them whilst reading as much as I could about just what is going on.  I am not an over complex sort though, and find myself already making some very basic assumptions about American politics, politicians and sometimes it’s people based on very little information and the behaviour of the people who represent the parties.

It remains a work in progress, and whilst I am quite certain that I would be blue and not red where it a choice I needed to make there is something else of which I am more and more certain the more I learn.  The GOP are such vicious beastly and quite ferocious creatures by all accounts that even they would make the vermicious knid seem tame by comparison.  I am not sure about all of it’s members obviously, but those in positions of power that I have been looking at have left me rather shocked.

I will keep working on it, and happy to have my mind changed but I think it will be quite some stretch given what I have seen. This is not to say the other lot are a whole lot better, I am sure they are equally abhorrent if you look closely enough.

Anyway, I know I am not at all qualified to comment on such things and it is rather ignorant of me to do so but I will nonetheless.  Now I will shut up.

Goodnight x and get back to writing that limerick about the chap who likes his bottom fiddling with.


P.S. It’s funny you know, when I sat down I honesty intended to write a poem about a boy who fought the knids.  Oh well…

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

15 thoughts on “Vermicious knids”

  1. “The GOP are such vicious beastly and quite ferocious creatures….” You got that right. But it was not that long ago that words like “compromise,” “cooperate,” and “negotiate” were not considered to be dirty words. Nowadays, though, compromise is considered by the GOP to be weakness and to negotiate is to be complicit with the enemy. Battle lines have been drawn and they are no less real than the border between North Korea and South Korea, only with no DMZ buffer in between. And in the meantime, America is in a downward spiral thanks to “The Donald.” Sad.

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  2. Damn Michael, that is spot on my friend. You certainly hit the nail on the head. All my life I had been a registered Republican. Back in the day they stood for something. Not any more. I am now officially an Independent with no affiliation with or ties to any political party. I did not vote for trump or Hillary. In fact I voted for no candidate for President. This piece of embarrassing, vile filth named “the donald” is an embarrassment to our country. A simpleton is in control of our nuclear weapons and it scares the crap out of me. I served my country in the US Air Force as a Missile Combat Crew Commander and held the launch key for ten nuclear Minuteman missiles. He is NOT my president and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Keep writing about him. Help others understand what he’s like. Please!

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  3. Well put Walt I think that kind of sums up how a lot of rational people are probably responding to him these days. Unfortunately there are far too many people still willing to support him or a pedophile rather than take a stand of Supporting nobody. I’m kind of new to these things so I don’t claim to know a great deal other than what I see and what I see is truly abhorrent behaviour by people claiming to be right minded and decent and honest and I cannot see in any world where people could support someone like that if they are as honest as they claim to be. That’s not to say there are problems on both sides of the aisle I’m sure that there are but I can only comment on what I see in front of me. It’s amazing then he is so brazen and to so many of his supporters they will be absolutely loving what he’s doing and if his intention is to go for a second term then lots of the things that are being done and said will absolutely appeal to millions and millions of Americans. At least it gives me something to write about I guess but in a few years it will all have passed and been over and we’ll look back and think what the fuck were we thinking

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  4. When I read that the Republican National Committee had endorsed Roy Moore, my thought was “what the fuck are they thinking?” How can anyone possibly support an accused pedophile with so many different accusers? We’re fucking doomed.

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  5. Apparently they want the people of Alabama to decide whether they want a racist sexist paedophile in charge and apparently by all accounts they probably do. Well done them I’m sure Jesus would be super proud.

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  6. I’m an American who lives in the UK and on a couple of occasions, I have been digitally shouted at for ‘chiming in from the UK when I didn’t live or vote in America. I quickly set them straight. By the way, according to the Democrats, it’s all my fault that Trump won. See, I voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein and according the the ‘crats, she was Trump’s secret weapon.

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  7. Shame on you indeed !

    Hopefully good will come of it all. A lot of true colours have been shown and now out they’ll need to be dealt with because things are irrevocably changed

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