I find it hard to do serious haiku, they intimidate me and make me feel rather insecure. So I write these instead…

Here’s the deal. 11 x 9 word tweets to compile a 99 word piece of flash fiction. Easy right?

Joseph was too young to remember what had happened himself, and those left behind never seemed to want to speak of it.  All he needed to know was that it was over, they had won, and they needed to rebuild. 

For the sake of common decency there are things I would love to write but don’t. Here’s a sneak preview as to why…

Just a few limericks to get them out of my head. Camping, drugs and a couple of perverts are on teh menu today.

…”Open” she cried, jaw clenched as she tumbled unsure of which was up and which down.  Her heart raced, surely she hadn’t escapade the cold earth and the wolves only for it to end like this. 

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