He devoured her like so many delicious cream buns that had gone before…

Today I’d like to explore the frailty of our existence. through the medium of limerick.

Following a drunken discussion at the pub.

Malan eased the sleek silver craft to the ground, ion drives humming quietly and three silver legs sliding out slowly to cushion the ships gradual descent.

Originally posted on Life lessons:
My mother-in-law had finished her lecture (for the nth time), about how she had efficiently looked after my husband and his brother when they were just babies in their cloth diapers. Presumably she had had sleepless nights, mornings full of work, illnesses to be dealt with, school work and possibly…

Limericks are so playful and whimsical and done right, usually rather funny.  My aim is to do quite the opposite. How did I do?

I should warn that should you read further you could find my post somewhat inappropriate, though that could also be down to you.  I am not one to judge.